Henne History

Everyone in Saline seems to have their own favorite Henne Field story.

Henne Field was dedicated to the Saline Area Schools by the family of Edward Henne in April 1948. Over the past 60 years it has been home to the Saline Community Fair, a community ice skating rink, Little League baseball, and adult softball. For a time Henne Field also served as the home field for the Saline Hornets high school football team.

Henne Field is now used for soccer, flag football, and lacrosse. During the past several years, it has hosted the Saline Celtic Festival's rugby tournament.

Henne Field has been a large part of the history and growth of the City of Saline and the Saline Area Schools. For many years it has been a meeting place during community events, a destination for kids seeking a fun place to play, and a versatile venue for all kinds of activities. Henne Field has served the community well, but is now in need of a complete makeover to bring it back to the prominence it once held in our lives.