After a Successful Invitational Season, Saline Science Olympiad Prepares for Regionals

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 02/19/2019 - 01:32
Saline's Science Olympiad team took first place at the Frankenmuth Eagle invitational, finishing with 29 placements.

Saline High School Science Olympiad completed a busy stretch of the invitational season by capturing an overall first place team finish at the University of Michigan annual tournament.  The team also took first at the Eagle invitational in Frankenmuth and first at the Plymouth Invitational during another successful season.

 Saline also took fifth at Westlake and fourth at the Centerville (Ohio) Tournaments earlier this season.  Saline has now defeated teams from New York, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Illinois and Michigan falling short only to four teams that are typically among the top ten in the nation.  Students won a total of 81 sets of medals and placements over the last four weeks.

The team is now readying for regionals, which are held at Hillsdale college on Feb 23.  The region is home to strong programs from Huron, Pioneer and WHI also. The top teams will advance to the state championship. The top two teams from Michigan will advance to the National Championship. 

Science Olympiad is a competitive program where up to 15 students on a team compete in 23 events. Saline currently has three teams, including a varsity team and two junior varsity squads. Events range from building events such as building an aircraft, to science study events such as ecology and anatomy.

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