County-wide events planned to celebrate National Agriculture Week

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 03/19/2018 - 01:21

Washtenaw County Farm Bureau will join other organizations across the country to celebrate agriculture’s important role in daily life as part of National Ag Week March 18-24 and Ag Day on Tuesday March 20st. Local events and activities are designed to raise awareness about the many ways America’s farmers provide food, fiber and fuel for our communities, our nation and the world. This year’s theme is “Agriculture: Food for Life”. March has also been designated by Governor Snyder as Michigan Food and Agriculture month.

It’s become an annual tradition to welcome the first Washtenaw County baby born during National Ag Week, with a basket of baby clothes and nursery supplies donated to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital.

The county Farm Bureau will provide local restaurants with agriculture-themed placemats and “table tents” depicting state and local farming facts and local farmers who put food on our plates. We are delighted that each year more restaurants partner with us. Participating this year in SALINE: Carrigan Café, City Limits, Saline Inn, Stoney Lake Brewery, and Dan’s Downtown Tavern; ANN ARBOR: Uptown Coney on Jackson Rd, Alpha Koney Island (in Oak Valley Center), Culver’s and Tippin’s; CHELSEA: Smokehouse 52 BBQ, Arctic Breakaway and Big Boy; BRIDGEWATER: Bridgewater Bank Tavern; DEXTER: Aubree’s; MANCHESTER: Linda’s Diner, Frank’s Place, and Kellie’s (Stockwell’s); MILAN: JR’s Hometown Grill and Pub; YPSILANTI: Beezy’s Café in the Ypsilanti District Library Whittaker branch.

MyPlate posters featuring local farmers and producers will be displayed at the Manchester Market, and Busch’s Fresh Food Market in Saline. An agricultural-themed exhibit will be also be displayed in a downtown Saline storefront window.

The county Farm Bureau is also partnering with district libraries in Manchester, Milan, Saline, Dexter and the Ypsilanti Whittaker branch to showcase displays of Washtenaw County agriculture facts, books and brochures highlighting various types of farming, commodities and agriculturally-based careers. Several Ag-related, children’s books will be donated to the libraries. There will also be Ag displays at both branches of the Chelsea State Bank in Chelsea.

Farmer Kim Graham will read John Deere, That’s Who to the first grade class her daughter teaches at Dicken Elementary School in Ann Arbor. The award-winning book by Tracy Nelson Mauer describes a young blacksmith’s quest to design a better plow. The students will also engage in a lesson comparing farming methods then and now. 

At Community Day Care and Preschool in Ann Arbor’s after-school program at Lawton Elementary School, students in Kids Club can choose to play Safety Bingo as a way to learn about farm and home safety. Game prizes will be ag-related, and students will snack on Michigan apples. A spring planting activity is also planned.

And finally, local Farm Bureau members will be featured on social media sites wearing “Proud to Farm in Washtenaw County” t-shirts while engaging in farming tasks and Ag-related careers.

You can follow all the events and activities by visiting the Washtenaw County Farm Bureau Facebook page. During National Ag Week, or any other time of the year, you can celebrate agriculture by thanking farmers for everything they do to provide us with fuel, fiber and “Food for Life” 365 days a year!