Saline a Sweet Spot for Sweet Corn

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 08/14/2018 - 01:12
Lori Wirt has worked the Weisenreders' corn stands for years. She's pictured at the wagon at Ann Arbor and Bennett streets.

Surely as colorful leaves fill Michigan trees in the fall, August brings acres and acres of a truly Michigan product – sweet corn.

And who knew there were so many different types and brands. Standard. Sugary extender. And there is super-sweet, synergistic and the all-important augmented super-sweet.

Within each of these types of corn you can get corn that is white. Or yellow. Or if you are a sweet corn snob, the bi-color or multi-color ear of corn.

Driving on Saline-Ann Arbor Road, there are corn stands at the ready to sell you some of the freshest produce money can buy.

Jean Martin running the Martin corn stand.jpg

Jean Martin, part of the Bob & Jean Martin team who run the stand outside of Tippins Market in Lodi Township, have had their stand for over five years. Each morning, Bob drives to Dundee to bring fresh corn, cucumbers, tomatoes as well as a variety of fruits and veggies. Jean has recently retired from UM Medical Center and helps her husband Bob with the stand.

“I enjoy meeting the people and the produce is fresh from the field. Michigan sweet corn is the best,” Jean said.

When asked whether she had a favorite corn recipe, Jean replied, “No. People who need to add a lot of things to their corn have never tasted Michigan sweet corn. Cook it, add butter and a little salt. That is how sweet corn should be eaten.”

Just a bit further towards downtown Saline, there is another stand.

Brianna Claepi manages corn stand on Farm Council.jpg

Brianna, who will be a freshman at Manchester High School this fall, has worked at the stand for two months. She said that the Weisenreder farm, located off Weber Road in Saline, grows all of their own produce. Brianna did not have a favorite corn recipe but did admit to liking to eat it.

Weisenreder Farms has another stand located at the corner of Ann Arbor and Lewis Street in Saline. Lori Wirt has worked the corn stand for several years and said “the Weisenreders have been selling corn for 40 – 50 years. Everything is brought fresh daily from the farm.

Lori said her favorite corn recipe included frying the corn, adding peppers and a little onions, frying them. Then add cheese and mayo, mix and serve warm. She said it makes a really good side dish and an even better corn & cheese dip.

Be sure to stop by any of the corn stands and say hello to Bob/Jean, Brianna or Lori and enjoy some good summer eating.

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