Pittsfield Township Receives Grant for Trees at Woolley Park

 09/15/2015 - 18:25

Pittsfield Charter Township has been awarded $4,000 in funding through the 2015 DTE Energy Foundation Tree Planting Grant, administered by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Urban Forestry Program, for 32 trees that will be planted in Pittsfield Township’s Woolley Park. 

The grant will be used to fund installation of trees at Woolley Park on Textile Road. The former Centennial Park, now known as Woolley Park, was donated to Pittsfield Township in 2014. This 50 acre park currently includes a basketball court, a soccer field, a pavilion, a disc golf course, two play structures, and a walking/fitness trail, plus significant wetland areas. 

Currently, the park space is being renovated through the construction of a new parking lot, replacement of three boardwalks and one bridge and construction of another boardwalk to connect with the parking lot. Installation of the grant-funded trees will be part of these enhancements to the park, particularly as it relates to creating seamless non-motorized access to Woolley Park via the Lohr-Textile greenway. 

“Improving the accessibility and aesthetics at Woolley Park are part of Pittsfield Township’s commitment to providing multi-modal interconnections between residential, recreational and green spaces for all in our community,” noted Supervisor Grewal.

The trees, to be planted on the northeast quadrant of the park, will also provide for a screening barrier between the park and railroad tracks leading up to the park. The trees will be an important component of  this project in terms of aesthetics, water filtration, and carbon sequestration properties of the park.

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