Saline Takes 4th at Science Olympiad State Tournament

 06/16/2015 - 14:55

Congratulations to the Saline High School Science Olympiad team for their solid performance at the Science Olympiad State Tournament held at Michigan State University on May 2.

The SHS team placed fourth overall. This is the seventh consecutive top 10 finish by Saline High School at the state contest. Forty eight of the 200-plus Michigan teams qualified to compete at the state tournament. The tournament consisted of 23 events with two or three team members participating in each.

Medals were awarded to top six teams for each event and each school team was ranked based on their combined performance on all events. The Northville team placed first with 130 points, Grand Haven placed second with 153 points, and International Academy Central placed third with 166 points. Saline placed fourth with 184 points.

The Saline High School team received medals in 10 events and placed in the top half of the teams in all 23 events, as follows:

  • Victor Chen and Jason Whitfield, 1st, Protein Modeling
  • Alan Wilson and Jacob Ortmann, 1st, Mission Possible
  • Jacob Tanner and Jason Whitfield, 1st, Geologic Mapping
  • Evan Raeker and Jason Lo, 1st, Forensics
  • Sushrut Athavale and Eric Winsor, 2nd, Compound Machines
  • Victor Chen and Jason Whitfield, 2nd, Write It Do It
  • Jacob Tanner and Sophia Zhao, 3rd, Dynamic Planet
  • Ayush Arora and Jason Lo, 3rd, Anatomy & Physiology
  • Jason Whitfield and Sushrut Athavale, 4th, It's About Time
  • Victor Chen and Jacob Tanner, 4th, Cell Biology
  • Victor Chen and Jason Lo, 7th, Disease Detectives
  • Jacob Ortmann and Sophia Zhao, 7th, Scrambler
  • Jacob Tanner and Aditya Mannari, 8th, Astronomy
  • Eric Winsor and Aditya Mannari, 9th, Green Generation
  • Aditya Mannari and Ayush Arora, 10th, Chemistry Lab
  • Alan Wilson, Sushrut Athavale & Jacob Ortmann, 10th, Experimental Design
  • Eric Winsor and Ayush Arora, 11th, Technical Problem Solving
  • Rohan Kulkarni and Michael Torssell, 12th, Entomology
  • Evan Raeker and Michael Torssell, 12th, Wright Stuff
  • Lauren Wilson and Sophia Zhao, 16th, Bridges
  • Alan Wilson and Lauren Wilson, 19th, Bungee Drop
  • Sophia Zhao and Lauren Wilson, 20th, Air Trajectory
  • Michael Torssell and Eric Winsor, 21st, Fossils
  • The team is coached by Dr. Shounak Athavale, Nath Akella, Kevin Wei, and Dr. Don Winsor.
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