After Talk from Rep. Driskell, Saline City Council Writes Governor to Veto SB 571

 12/22/2015 - 01:49

Saline City Council member Linda TerHaar signs her name to a letter to Gov. Snyder. The letter asks Gov. Snyder to veto SB 571, which  State Rep. Gretchen Driskell said would prevent local units of government from educating citizens about millage and bond proposals.

In the final meeting of 2015, and the last for James Roth and Terri Sibo-Koenig, Saline City Council members united to stand against a Republican bill headed for the desk of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder.

At the outset of Monday’s council meeting State Rep. Gretchen Driskell appeared before city council to discuss SB 571 and other legislation. SB 571, already approved by the Michigan House and Senate, will prevent local government units from providing the public with information about millage and bond proposals within 60 days of an election, Driskell told council

Driskell said that SB 571 was a 12=page bill that grew into a 53-page bill in 10 minutes.

“We (Democratic legislators) had to pull our names off the bill because we didn’t know what was in it,” Driskell said.

She said legislators learned the proposal will prevent local governments, school boards and library boards from providing information about bond and millage proposals.

“It’s a huge problem when you’re working on a local project. Citizens need to know what’s going on,” Driskell said. “We tried to the block the bill but the rules were suspended and we weren’t able.”

She urged city council to contact Gov. Snyder and request he veto the bill.

Mayor Brian Marl and the six members of council crafted and edited a letter to Snyder that was signed after the meeting. The letter was to be mailed to Snyder Tuesday.

Driskell also updated council on two other bills regarding right-of-way and the local cable provider. Driskell said the bill has been improved, but she still worries that it will set a precedent that will make cities tiptoe around cable companies and other utilities who use right-of-way.



Tran Longmoore
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