MPSC Decision Should Preserve Savings from LED Streetlights

 01/05/2016 - 11:36

About 100 new LED streetlights will be installed in Saline in 2016 with the Michigan Avenue project and the downtown streetscape project.

The City of Saline spends about $225,000 a year on lighting its streets. The city has already started to look at ways to reduce that cost by switching to more efficient LED streetlights when opportunities arise.

DPW Director Jeff Fordice estimated that about 15 percent of the city’s streetlights are LED and that number will rise in 2016 when about 100 new streetlights are installed during the Michigan Avenue and downtown streetscape projects. Fordice estimates the city could save about $80,000 annually if all of its lights were LED

That’s why Saline joined many other Michigan communities to form the Michigan Street Lighting Coalition when DTE Energy announced plans to charge more for LED streetlights.

Monday night Fordice told Saline City Council that the coalition has won its challenge before the Michigan Public Service Commission.

At Monday’s meeting DPW Director Jeff Fordice updated Saline City Council on the challenge.

“The administrative law judge pretty much agreed with the street light coalition on all of its issues,” Fordice said.

According to Michigan Public Radio, the MPSC will have the coalition and DTE work out a new rate structure in the next 90 days.

Tran Longmoore
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