US-12 Construction Update: Henry Street Detour Scheduled for May 23-24

 05/13/2016 - 17:02

Vehicles move east and west on two lanes on West Michigan Avenue Friday morning.

(Submitted by City Manager Todd Campbell)

Well, another week for the Michigan Ave project is almost complete.  Hoffman Bros. and the sub-contractors continue to be focused and getting the job done, even with the fickle weather.  Hoffman Bros. were able to have some significant successes regarding the installation of portions of the new storm sewer and water main on the west end of the project near Monroe Street this past week.    

Another positive update is that the construction cam that can be accessed from the City of Saline homepage ( via your desk top computer or tablet is back on-line.  City staff is still working on a way to allow all smart phones to access the link.  Stay tuned. 

Week of May 16th  

Traffic Information
The current traffic shift (both east/westbound traffic on the north half of Michigan Ave) will continue next week. The next significant traffic shift is scheduled for Monday, May 23 or Tuesday, May 24.  The traffic shift will detour the eastbound Michigan Ave traffic to Henry Street.  *Note: DTE is working to energize the temporary traffic signals on Henry Street so the signals can be turned on.  Initially, the temporary traffic signals will flash red to help motorists adjust to the new signals.  Once the Henry Street detour begins, the temporary traffic signals will be turned on similar to typical signals with green, yellow and red lights.  A friendly reminder – City staff encourages everyone to slow down, be patient and obey the traffic signs.  In addition, please do not take short-cuts through private property in an attempt to avoid the current traffic shifts/detour routes, as it is illegal and unsafe. 

Pedestrian Traffic
Regarding pedestrian traffic, there are parts of the construction zone that are not open to pedestrian traffic.  For example, the walkway in front of Oakwood Cemetery on the Michigan Ave side is not open to pedestrian traffic; there are signs in place that say sidewalk closed.  There are also signs designating alternate pedestrian routes throughout the construction zone.  Please obey the signs and seek alternate pedestrian routes that don’t include walking down the middle of re-routed traffic lanes.

Note: DTE Gas Main Relocation Update – DTE crews are nearing completion of the relocation of gas mains; hopefully by Wednesday of next week for the smaller gas mains.  However, there is a 12” high pressure gas main located near the Michigan Ave/Maple intersection that needs to be relocated.  This relocation may cause changes to traffic flow near the Maple/Old Creek & Michigan Ave intersection for east and westbound vehicles later next week.  Additionally, there may be some temporary lane changes on Maple as part of this relocation.  The traffic shift would be necessary to provide DTE crews sufficient room to relocate the 12” high pressure gas main.  Please be prepared for periodic traffic shifts.  Thanks for your continue patience and stay tuned. 

Construction Activities
Hoffman Bros. will continue to work on installing sections of the new water main near the Monroe Street/Michigan Ave intersection this weekend and early next week.  Some of the water main work will require the water to be shut-off early next week for some of the residents/businesses located west of the Lewis Street/Michigan Ave intersection almost to Monroe Street.  The folks that will be impacted by the water shut-off have been notified by City DPW team members delivering a water service interruption notice; including a boil water advisory for early next week.  Note: the boil water advisory will only be for those addresses that received the water service interruption notices.

Hoffman Bros. will continue excavating and installing sub-base for the section of Michigan Ave near Monroe Street in preparation for the base course of asphalt.  The concrete curb and gutter crew is also scheduled to on-site in preparation for paving.  Cadillac Asphalt is scheduled to be on-site next Saturday, May 21st and/or Monday, May 23rd to put down the base course of asphalt at the Monroe intersection. 

Hoffman Bros and Cadillac Asphalt will also be repairing the failed sections of asphalt along Henry Street sometime next week in preparation for the Henry Street detour to be initiated.  Portions of the spot repairs will require a flag crew to assist in regulating traffic. 

Please stay tuned for updates as the Michigan Ave project progresses.  The City of Saline staff will be providing a minimum of a weekly update and sometimes daily informational postings depending on what is taking place in the construction zone.  

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