Saline Board of Ed Presents Scholarships, Views Coding Presentation and Spends Bond Money

 05/26/2016 - 02:53
Tammy McClellan and three members of the Girls Who Code club show off an example of their hard work at the board of education meeting Tuesday night.

Trustees from the Saline Area Schools Board of Education met during their second monthly meeting at Heritage Elementary School Tuesday night, addressing a brief allotment of agenda items.

One of the first courses of action was to present student board representatives Youha Shin and Annie Fuelle with college scholarship funds as a reward for their collective work in voicing students’ interests.

School Board President Paul Hynek and Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services Steve Laatsch gave the scholarship checks to Shin and Fuelle, commending them for their commitment to the district.

Both thanked the board for the opportunity to serve and expressed gratitude for the experience.

Hynek said Shin’s conflicting basketball commitments early in his term prompted the board to take on a second student representative this year, and it was a situation that worked out well.

“So because we had a little gap in coverage on the student side this year because of basketball and other events, next year our policy allows for multiple student representatives,” he said. “So we will start off with two next year so we always have that representative.”

Next on the agenda was a presentation from Tammy McClellan and several members of the Girls Who Code club.

On a television, three student coders showed the trustees some of their work, which took the form of a cartoon conversation. McClellan explained it required a lot of effort to put together.

“They spend quite a bit of time with this, and a lot of lines of code to get this to work,” she said, garnering a hefty round of applause for the girls.

The board also heard a brief curriculum update concerning Heritage Elementary and the project-based learning initiatives that have been implemented there over the course of the year.

Bond funding approval continued, with the board unanimously approving a bid for technology and security upgrades from Wiltec Technologies for $187, 177, as well as P.A. and clock systems from VSC Inc. for $310,926.

The technology bid for wireless access point hardware from Red Level Networks was also unanimously approved for $257,096, as well as $12,407 in sales tax likely to be added to the total that was not included on the original bidding paperwork.

Several toilet partitions will also be removed and replaced at Heritage Elementary by R.E. Leggette Company, after its bid for $12,350 was unanimously approved.

With bond work commencing at Pleasant Ridge immediately after the end of the school year, the board also approved moving-related funds not to exceed $120,000. Final bids for the move are due Friday, and are expected to come in under the approved amount, according to the board.
Hynek said the company whose bid is chosen will be responsible for moving everything out of Pleasant Ridge, storing it during the construction process and then moving it all back in when the work is complete.

Trustees also approved the WISD budget after a comprehensive presentation by WISD Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Brian Marcel.

The consent-only agenda approved several standard business items, including two student field trips, one to the CSSRA Rowing Championship in Ontario, and the other to the US Rowing Nationals in Nashport, OH.

The next regularly scheduled board of education meeting will take place June 14, the last day of the school year, in the Liberty Media Center.