Karrine Stacey Leads SWWC to Best Finish Ever at CAD State Finals

 05/20/2016 - 01:19

Karinne Stacey finished first in three different categories at the Michigan Industrial Technology Education Society CAD finals.

Students in the computer-aided design class in the South and West Washtenaw Consortium at Saline High School won 32 plaques at the Michigan Industrial Technology Education Society finals. The Michigan Industrial Technology Education Society has been hosting a project based competition for 88 years now, and this year the SWWC CAD students had their strongest showing yet. 

There are around 25 different categories in which students enter drawings/projects, including things like photo-realistic renderings of CAD drawings, hand drawings, and model houses. 

The class had 81 drawings/projects qualify for states and 32 of them placed top three in the state and earned a plaque. The SWWC group produced 11 individual state champions, 11 runner-ups, and 10 third-place finishes. 

“My entire class contributed to this success, but I have to single out Karinne Stacey, who had three individual projects that won state titles, as well as another that finished runner-up. Congrats to all those who competed!” instructor Steve Vasiloff said.

First place finisher were Josiah Rentchler, Rod Support; Chris Okarski, Kinetic Car; Karinne Stacey, Hanger; Sydney Chandler, Key; Karinne Stacey, Northrop P­61 Black Widow; Karinne Stacey, Grinder Vice; Ryan Braley, Superbowl Ring; Chris Okarski, Canopy Actuating Mechanism; Erin Connor, 2 Story House; Abby Morton, Townhouse; and Joe Lentine, Medical Drone.

Second place finishers were Lauren Sayre, Gabby Zapolnik, Josiah Rentschler, Tobias Schmidt, Sydney Chandler, Tyler Stachler, Joe Lentine, Tobias Schmidt, Karinne Stacey, Johnny Monge, and Bahkari Bridgewater.

Placing third were Logan Bruneau, Lauren Sayre, Matt Hargrove, Andrew Sanderson, Lauren Sayre, Dane Hoffman, Tobias Schmidt, Dale Sievert, Kirk Stow and Alex Hartman.



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