Saline High School Science Olympiad Team Wins Ionia Invitational

 02/21/2016 - 20:32

A jubilant Saline High School Science Olympiad team returned from Ionia Saturday after capturing the Ionia Invitational Title.  Saline faced tough competition from schools from Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. Saline also defeated 2015's National sixth place finisher by a large margin.

Saline placed in the top eight of all 23 events.  Saline returned with medals for top three finishes in nine events and ribbons for top six finishes in 10 events. 

Saline will compete in a tough regional competition on March 12 at Hillsdale College. The winner will advance to the state competition. Saline finished fourth in Michigan last year and narrowly missed attending nationals.

Science Olympiad is open to everyone from the Saline district, including Saline students at WIHI. The team will add new students through the end of the year.

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