SHS Drama Profile: Lexi Morris on Playing Alice Sycamore in You Can't Take It With You

 11/17/2015 - 18:36

Lexi Morris stars as Alice Sycamore in the Saline High School drama club's production of You Can't Take It With You.

The Saline High School Drama Club presents “You Can’t Take it With You” Friday-Sunday at Saline High School. Showtimes are 7:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday and 2 p.m., Sunday.

The cast includes Ethan Baker, Dominic Bourassa, Elizabeth Crawford, Alyssa Dawson, Sophie Kolasinksi, Jared Martin, Alex Martinelli, Lexi Morris, Allie Pataro, Joseph Pryor, Rinn Ramcke, Liralyn Smith, Aliza Treber, Elaina Veasey, Jake White, Eileen Wiechmann, Collin Williams, and Merredith Zehnder. Members of the crew are...Matthew Adle, Livi Morgan, and Catherine Wei.  The production is directed by Kristen Glatz and the student directors are Alyssa Dawson and, Lexi Morgan. 

Today’s Q&A is with Lexi Morris, who stars as Alice Sycamore.

Actor: Lexi Morris

Parents: Paul and Terry Morris

Character: Alice Sycamore

Tell us about your character: I think the biggest thing I can say about Alice is that she's a lot like me, honestly. We both get very flustered at times, we're both very loyal to our families, and I think I can say that we're both hopeless romantics at heart. Alice, in general, is very sweet and loving, but she also gets embarrassed very easily, and she can very quickly blow things out of proportion.

What’s challenging about this role: Playing her is a bit tough at times because of her rapid emotional switches. I'm a teenage girl, so I obviously can relate to mood swings, but it's surprisingly difficult to play off someone else's mood swings without making it look completely ridiculous. 

Why people will enjoy this play: I think people will enjoy this play because, honestly, I think it'd be impossible for someone to not be able to relate to at least one character, story, family, scene, et cetera. It's a very classic love story of contrasting family dynamics, but the way it's written makes it extremely relatable and just generally funny.

Past plays/roles: This is actually my first time being in a lead role! In past plays/performances I've been in the ensemble/small speaking roles, which were equally fun, but I'm very glad I was given the chance to challenge myself with a larger part. I've also student-directed a few plays in the past, so I've gotten both the cast experience of productions as well as the crew experience, and both are super fun to be part of!

What do you enjoy about being on stage? As much as I love working backstage/working tech for productions, there's something that just clicks into place in me when I'm onstage. It's something about just being able to lose yourself and forget your stresses for every second you're in different clothes in a different setting with a different family and a different life; it's all just so wonderfully surreal.


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