VIDEO: Watch Saline's Top Students Honor Their Most Influential Educators

 05/18/2016 - 13:38

Vanessa Roe, who will study at McGill University next year, was one of 23 Saline High School students honored at Tuesday's Highest Honors with Distinction banquet. Behind her is Jamie Aumend, the educator she honored.

The top students at one of America's top high schools were honored at a banquet at Saline High School May 17.

In turn, Saline's brightest students honored their most influential educators.

Highest Honors with Distinction were awarded to 23 members of the class of 2016 – or the top five percent of the class, based on grade point average.

“These young men and women aren’t just great in the classroom, they represent their school with pride. They also practice empathy and help other students. They do so many things that contribute to our school,” said Principal Dr. Julie Helber. “They’ve been such an asset to our school. On behalf of all the teachers and administrators, we are so proud of you.”

Here are the honored students and their honored educators.

  • Ayush Arora, Mike Hill
  • Victoria Black, Diana Aikens
  • Brian Blankenship, Carl Spina
  • Kyle Boxeth, Blake Foster
  • Michael Chen, Sheri Horwitz
  • Noah Duncan, Diana Aikens
  • Miranda Eberle, Arianne Frink
  • Frances Fenelon, Nicole McKelvey
  • Emma Frasier, Nate Lampman
  • Kathryn Gilbert, John Fox
  • Cora Hassberger, Russ Ernest
  • Terzah Hill, Deborah Budnik
  • Stephen Jasina, Jere Hassberger
  • Sarah Karkoura, Shelly Venema
  • Kaylee Klepaczyk, Lindsay Guenther
  • Aditya Mannari, Jere Hassberger
  • John Miller, Blake Foster
  • Jordan Page, Jeff Pike
  • Evan Raeker, Bridgette Sparks
  • Vanessa Roe, Jamie Aumend
  • Kyra Ross, Michael Ericksen
  • Julia Smith, Deborah Budnik
  • Chad Wilson, Brian Heslip


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