City Council to Discuss Transportation, Historic District, Rec Center Changes and Recycling

 12/02/2013 - 01:18
Saline City Council meets at 7:30 p.m. Monday at city hall.

Saline City Council meets at 7:30 p.m. Monday night at city hall.

The agenda includes presentations on the Historic District Commission's website updates and the Washtenaw Area Transportation Study.

Action items include a new Rec Center marketing campaign and new Rec Center rules and procedures. City Council will also consider a $20,000 change order on a Tetra Tech contract and a resolution to amend the Saline Area Fire Department Agreement.

Discussion items include the city's moratorium on selling water to businesses operating outside the city and a proposal to extend the city's contract with Waste Management – which would include a new recycling program.

Historic District Website

In an effort to better connect with people who own property in the city's historic district, members of the Historic District Commission have been working with city technical employee Chris Shonk and DesignHub on improving the commission's portion of the city's website.

Commissioner Lori Swick research historic district properties and worked with Shonk and DesignHub to develop maps which should make it easy for people to sort through information. The district is seeking city council's approval to present the information on the website. Additionally, the commission is working to add links, historic district guidelines and methods for preserving and restoring historic buildings.

Washtenaw Area Transportation Study

A representative from the Washtenaw Area Transportation Study, a multi-jurisdictional agency responsible for transportation planning, will make a presentation to city council. Each year, WATS establishes project priorities for MDOT's consideration. WATS also monitors the condition of the county's transportation system, including roads, bike paths, pedestrian paths, bridges and public transit. Saline is represented on the WATS policy committee.

Tetra Tech Change Order

City staff is recommending city council approve Tetra Tech's request to add about $20,500 in additional expenses relating to the wastewater treatment plant project. The city awarded the $1,276,000 project to Tetra Tech. The city had budgeted $1.5 million for the entire project. After factoring in $135,000 for engineering and administration and the $20,500 change order, the city has about $68,500 remaining for contingencies.

Recycling Changes on the Way?

The city is discussing extending Waste Management's contract to haul residential and commercial solid waste and recyclables.

City staff negotiated a scope of services and presented it to the city's Environmental Commission. As a result, the city's recycling program could be modified.

Instead of weekly recycling in 18-gallon bins, Waste Management will offer bi-weekly collection in 96-gallon curb carts. The city is looking for ways to increase the falling diversion rate (total recyclables collected over the total waste generated), which has dropped from 29.5 percent 26.7 percent over the last three years. Waste Management advised the best way to do so was to use larger containers.

Other changes to single-family home service include:

  • The addition of fruit and vegetable waste to the yard waste collection program.
  • The addition of call-ahead, no-charge service to pick up branches (up to six inch diameter and eight feet long.)
  • The allowance of one bulk item per week without charge or call ahead.

Waste Management is proposing to hold current prices for the first year of the five year extension, and then increase the cost based on inflation in years two through give. Waste Management would provide the 96-gallon recycling carts at no charge.

Council is scheduled to discuss the issue at Monday's meeting and take action Dec. 16.




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