City OKs Tax Break on $1.4 Million Investment at Saline Lectronics

 08/19/2013 - 01:53


The City of Saline approved Saline Lectronics Inc.’s  request for a tax abatement on a $1.4 million investment at its facility at 710 N. Maple Rd.

Saline Lectronics, which designs, assembles and tests printed circuit boards for a wide variety of industry sections, is investing in new machinery and equipment. According to paperwork filed with the city, the investment is expected to create 30 new jobs at the facility.

The seven-year abatement, unanimously approved by city council and subject approval by the city’s attorney, is expected takes effect Dec. 31, 2013.

City council also approved McNaughton & Gunn’s request to amend its existing industrial facilities exemption to add an additional $201,600 for new leased digital printer at the plant, located at 960 Woodland Drive. The original abatement was for $699,400 of equipment.  McNaughton & Gunn manufactures books. The new equipment was expected to create one new job.


Tran Longmoore
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