City of Saline, Teamsters Ratify New Contract

 11/07/2013 - 00:30

The City of Saline and Teamsters Local 214 have reached a new three-year collective bargaining agreement.

The deal calls for no raise in the first year and raises of two percent in years two and three. Employees are eligible for step raises. City Manager Todd Campbell said health care benefits are similar to those received by the Saline Police Officers Association, Saline Sergeant's Association, and non-union staff working for the city.

The 21-member Teamsters Local 214, which represents 11 DPW workers, Rec Center Staff, water plant staff and some clerical staff, voted to ratify the deal before Monday's city council meeting. After going into closed session to discuss the contract, city council emerged and voted unanimously to approve the deal.

Mayor Brian Marl said the recent deals with the police unions and Teamsters have helped level the playing field when it comes to compensating the work of union and non-union staff.

“Creating parity is absolutely our intent and it's a goal of this council. It's easier said than done. The recent deals are important steps in the right direction and they assist in improving the overall health and well being of the city,” said Marl before endorsing the motion to ratify the contract.

Council member Lee Bourgoin suggested that there may be more work to do when it comes to parity. He said non-union staff accepted more cuts and have done so for a longer time. He asked for data that would show compensation rates for union and non-union staff.

There were no members of the Teamsters present at Monday's council meeting.

There is language in the contract relating to the “Right to Work” legislation passed by the state – meaning a worker covered by the contract can decide not to pay dues.


Tran Longmoore
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