Ethan Savage Eagle Scout Project to Improve Wilderness Park

 11/11/2013 - 21:17
Ethan Savage, of Boy Scout Troop 446, tells Saline City Council about his plan to improve Wilderness Park.

Users of Wilderness Park in Saline will be the beneficiary of Ethan Savage's Eagle Scout project.

At last Monday's meeting, Saline City Council gave Savage, a member of Troop 446, the green light on his plan to install a new park map, trail markers and benches.

There are three components to Savage's plan. The first component is to remove old park map.

“It's faded and worn out and barely useable,” Savage said.

With the help of a local graphic designer, Savage is designing a new map, updated with more trails and pathways. It will be printed on a more weather resistant material, he said.

The second component of the project is the installation of 10 new trail markers. The 6-foot-long markers will have a 42-inch foundation. Savage will prime and then paint the markers, and then route trail letters into the wood, in accordance with the map. Markers will also be nailed into mature trees along the path.

The final portion of the project is two new benches. Savage will use a handheld saw to cut the pieces, use his father's drill for the necessary holes. He and volunteers will assemble the benches before they are installed.

The project has already begun and should be completed by spring. Funded by donations, the project is expected to cost $650 above the cost of items already in Savage's possession.

The project was approved unanimously by city council.

“We thank you for your willingness to improve Wilderness Park,” Mayor Brian Marl told Savage.

Savage's plan had already received the go-ahead from the city's Parks Commission.

“The Parks Commission supports Ethan's plan because it is well thought out and would result in a much needed improvement to Wilderness Park,” Parks and Recreation Director Carla Scruggs told city council.

Tran Longmoore
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