Saline Considers New Water and Sewer Rates

 01/03/2014 - 13:11
A gallon of City of Saline tap water costs less than a penny. A gallon of bottled spring water costs $5.36.

Saline residents will see higher water and sewer bills if city council adopts recommendations in a rate study conducted by Tetra Tech.

City Council is expected to consider approving new rates at the Jan. 13 meeting.

Higher rates would help the city cover expenses as the city expects to see an $80,000 reduction in billable revenue from its largest industrial user. The rate study calls for lower water rates but higher sewer rates.

Here's how the changes would impact the typical residential user.

Billing Year Quarterly Bill % Increase
June, 2013 $189.59  
June, 2014 $198.80 4.9
June, 2015 $203.78 2.6
June, 2016 $218.40 7.2
June, 2017 $227.50 4.2

While residents might groan about higher prices, city tap water is cheap compared to beverages found in a grocery store, according to the Tetra Tech study.

Drink $ Per Gallon
Saline Tap Water $0.01
Home Brewed Coffee $0.58
Kool-Aid $2.20
Coca Cola $3.51
Milk $3.76
Bottled Spring Water $5.36
Orange Juice $6.20
Red Bull Energy Drunk $20.04


Tran Longmoore
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