Survey Says: Saline Area Schools Shares Survey Results

 08/14/2013 - 03:05

Saline Area Schools is sharing the results of a Site Level Climate Survey asking staff, parents and students to provide feedback about critical school-level issues such as academic preparation, student support, school leadership, parent engagement, safety and behavior, school operations, faculty relations and support, and district initiatives.  The district will use the survey data as a baseline to inform long-term district goals.

A total of 1,589 participants responded to the survey. Participation rates for both staff and parents were 35%, while the student response rate was 9%. And, according to survey results, over 90% of all respondents rate the district as “Excellent” or “Good.”

“Hearing from our stakeholders allows us to identify our strengths and share knowledge across the district,” said Scot Graden, Superintendent of Saline Area Schools. “And while I’m gratified that overall perceptions are very positive, we will continue working to improve our district schools.”

Based on survey feedback, 86% of staff agree the curriculum is aligned to support student learning. The vast majority of staff (86%) also believe their principal makes decisions with students’ best interests in mind. However, only 58% of staff say district leadership understands their professional needs.

Ninety-two percent of parents believe their child is being well prepared for the next grade. But, while an additional 92% of parents feel welcome at their child’s school, many parents are concerned about drug and alcohol use by students.

An overwhelming number of students (92%) agree that their teacher tells them what they need to know to succeed. Student respondents also strongly support incorporating technology into their instruction (92%).

“Remaining one of the preeminent districts in the state is a challenge,” said Graden. “But through continued engagement and stakeholder support, we’ll ensure that our students keep achieving at the highest levels.”

The district shared site-level reports with schools and presented findings to the Board of Education on August 13th. 

The Saline Area Schools is composed of 5,250 students with 325 certified staff.  Saline was recently named the “Best Place to Raise Kids in Michigan by Bloomberg Businessweek. Its website is

(This news release was issued by Saline Area Schools)

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