Where Should the Saline Farmers Market Happen?

 05/18/2016 - 11:30
Keep it where it is, as it is.
43% (42 votes)
Move it to Bennett Street, under a structure.
37% (36 votes)
Keep it where it is on S. Ann Arbor St., but build a cover in the parking lot.
14% (14 votes)
Other (Tell Us In Comments)
5% (5 votes)
Total votes: 97

The Saline Farmers Market is a function of the City of of Saline government. During the warmer seasons, it's held in Parking Lot #4, beside Benito's Pizza,  in downtown Saline. In the colder months it's held at Liberty School. There's also a Tuesday afternoon market at Saline District Library during the summer.

Monday Saline City Council heard a proposal to move the market to a permanent location on to city-owned landed across from Henne Field on Bennett Street. The market would be held under a permanent structure. Another recommendation is to make the market manager a full-time position.

Bob Conradi will report on the city council meeting in the coming days. You may want to wait until then before voting.

Here are some of the pros and cons to the proposal that were listed in a report to City Council.

Some of the pros:

  • It’s not downtown, where parking is limited.
  • Leverages Henne Field as a gateway to downtown.
  • Space could be used for other events when not in use.
  • Creates a connection between community assets (Henne Field, the Depot Museum, the Depot Trail).
  • Minimizes confusion regarding the location of the Farmers Market.

Some of the cons:

  • Maintenance costs.
  • Potential parking problems during Farmers Market hours.
  • Not downtown – Loss of downtown business on Saturday mornings.
  • Is the 50,000 square-foot space big enough for future expansion?
Tran Longmoore
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