Celtic Mastodon Challenge Provides Physical Tests, Laughter and Fun

 07/13/2014 - 04:32

The kids seemed to have an easier time using the lilypads to cross the Saline River during the Celtic Mastodon Challenge at Mill Pond Park Saturday during the Saline Celtic Festival.

Up the hills, over the walls, and through the river they went, young and old, at Mill Pond Park Saturday.

The second annual Mastodon Celtic Challenge was held during the Saline Celtic Festival Saturday. The event drew athletes, weekend warriors and people looking for an athletic challenge and fun with friends.

Although it wasn’t a race, Ypsilanti resident Rob Macarthur was the first over the finish line in the first wave of adults

“It’s a lot of fun. I like how they put in the work-out elements, like the tire-roll and that stuff. Other courses just usually have obstacles. So this event is unique and challenging,” said Macarthur, who has done the Warrior dash for the last couple years. “These events are a great time. And you can get people who normally don’t run to come out and try it.”

Saline resident Matthew Schneider has done the Warrior Dash five times and tried the Saline event last year.

“This is by far the hardest,” Schneider said. “Through the trails and trees and all the hills, that was difficult. The different obstacles they put in there, like the pushups and burpees, that made it even harder. But those two big hills were the hardest part. They were killer. Either that, I’m out of shape now.”

The kids who ran the race had a blast, too. This year, organizers added a special event just for the kids, who fearlessly splashed through the river, climbed the obstacles, sprinted up and down hills and finished by sliding down the soapy, wet tarp with a big grins on their faces.

“It was really fun but also really hard. The hills were really steep and you could slide really easily on them,” said Rosie Kendall, who was the second to cross the finish line in the kids’ event.

The event was sponsored by Saline Main Street, Saline Recreation and Workout 1.

Tran Longmoore
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