Carrigan Café – Supports the environment with efforts to be Green.

 07/13/2015 - 21:55
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Karen Carrigan

Carrigan Cafe’s commitment to customers includes an effort to be green.  If you have made a recent visit to the Carrigan Cafe in downtown Saline you may, or may not have noticed the “To Go” trays are made of compostable paper based material.  The “To Go” trays used for carry out food, is one of the conscious efforts made by owner Karen Carrigan in the area of sustainability.  Karen says that the environment is important to her personally and she is committed to make an effort to offer customers products that are environmentally friendly when a choice is available.  In this case a compostable paper based material compared to the foamed Polystyrene.  The compostable materials are one way to demonstrate that commitment to the environment.  And it’s not only the trays, the Cold Drink cups are made of a plastic with the same intent to be compost friendly.  

She says there not always a workable solution and one of her attempts to be greener was not successful.  She listened to customer’s response to hot drink cups that were not practical in performance needed to hold the drinks for carry out.   Ceramic mugs are used for inside service to reduce waste, and if there are improvements to carry out products in the future she will re-visit the subject. 

Waste reduction is important and there are other initiatives that may not be as obvious.  Karen says they use single trash collection containers for disposing everything inside the restaurant to make it easy for customers.  Her team then goes further to make an effort to sort out some of the recyclables before discarding.  Not a perfect solution but every little bit helps to contribute.

In the end she believes it matters and feels is important to herself, customers, and to the community.   With Carrigan’s Cafe’s one year anniversary approaching in September, please take notice give a shout out to Karen and her team in their efforts to Be Green. 

Dennis Kittel

Saline Environmental Commission

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