Come set sail on Saline’s salty seas for Pirate Mayhem!!

 05/01/2016 - 07:56

Pirate Mayhem will take place in downtown Saline, May 1st-31st. This new event will consist of following a Treasure Map, and its clues, into participating downtown businesses in search for solutions that will lead your crew closer to a chest full of Lavish Loot! Hosted by Saline Main St., we invite you to set sail with us for this family fun adventure, that you can enjoy all month long.  

Treasure Maps are under lock and key until May 1st when you will be able to find them at participating businesses and online through our website, Each Map includes a list of businesses, or “Ports-of-Call”, followed by a clue that must be solved at that location. Explore these Ports-of-Call in search for that solution, once you find it, “Capture it” .. on film, Click!
So, grab yer Crew and set sail this May! Just remember, all Pirate ships must be docked and all of your photo solutions mailed in by May 31st for you to get your chance at winning the Treasure Chest filled with Lavish Pirate Loot!!

To register your Pirate Crew and get Pirate tips all month long, join our Facebook fleet here or click here to get more up to date information! You may register any time throughout May 1st-31st.  All submissions must be entered by May 31st to qualify to win Lavish Pirate Loot! The winner will be drawn and announced on June 16th, at Saline Music Series’ opening night.  Join us!