Saline City Council Recognizes Mary Lirones' on 80th Birthday

 08/20/2013 - 17:36

Saline resident Mary Lirones shows up at city hall every other week to keep an eye on Saline City Council.

On Monday, all eyes in the council's chamber were on Lirones as Mayor Brian Marl and city council recognized her on her 80th birthday.

Mayor Marl said a few words about Lirones before presenting her with a rose bush and a birthday cake

"Mary is one of our regulars and we say that with love. She has been active in the parks commission, with the River Raisin Watershed Council and Saline River Greenways Alliance. She's active at the library. She's done so much for this community and contributed to its progress in tangible ways," Marl said. "She joins us (Saline City Council) every other Monday and we greatly appreciate those in the general public who join us because most do not. We appreciate and value her questions and inquiries. She's one of the few people that keeps us accountable, and that's really key with elected office."

Mayor Marl arranged the brief celebration at the suggestion of Lirones' daughter, Christina.

Tran Longmoore
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