All-State Ohl Leads Saline Girls' Bowling Team

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 12/04/2012 - 20:30

The Saline High School girls' bowling team has the makings of a conference champion.

After taking second last year, coach Scott Stevens thinks his team can compete for the SEC Red title.

It starts with all-state bowler Sidney Ohl. As a sophomore, she finished sixth in the MHSAA Division 1 state tournament.

Stevens expects a big season from Ohl.

"She did awesome last year. I expect a lot from Sidney this year. She's dedicated to improving and spends an awful lot of time in the bowling alley," Stevens said. "Practice. Practice. And a lot of practice."

Returning from last year's team are junior Wendy Szuzminski, Tabitha Baker and Alex Clark. 

"Wendy is a strong leaders and I'm hoping to get a lot from her," Stevens said.

Freshman Madison Rishel and sophomore Karissa Johnson are new to the team.

"Madison is bowling really well. She's bowled a lot of years in the Saturday program," Stevens said.

Stevens said that it will take team-wide improvement for the Hornets to compete for the SEC Red title.

"By the end of the season, I expect all of the girls to be big contributors to the team," Stevens said. "I'd like to win SEC. And for that to happen, we need to see more team cohesiveness and I'm starting to see that."

Here is the team roster.


First Name Last Name Grade
Tabitha Baker 10
Alexandria Clark 10
Karissa Johnson 10
Sydney Ohl 11
Madison Rishel 9
Wendy Szuminski 11
Michaela Wells 10



Here is this year's schedule:


12.03.12  3:30pm @ Ann Arbor Pioneer
12.05.12  3:30pm @ Tecumseh High School
12.10.12  3:30pm Skyline High School
12.12.12  3:30pm Chelsea High School
12.17.12  3:30pm Ann Arbor Huron High School
01.07.13  3:30pm @ Adrian High School
01.09.13  3:30pm @ Monroe High School
01.14.13  3:30pm @ Ypsilanti High School
01.16.13  3:30pm Ann Arbor Pioneer
01.22.13  3:30pm Tecumseh High School
01.23.13  3:30pm @ Skyline High School
01.28.13  3:30pm @ Chelsea High School
01.30.13  3:30pm @ Ann Arbor Huron High School
02.06.13  3:30pm Adrian High School
02.11.13  3:30pm Monroe High School
02.13.13  3:30pm Ypsilanti High School
02.18.13  3:30pm @ (Multiple Opponents) League Meet @ Monroe



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