Aspiring Eagle Scout Plans New Community Sign at Fire Department.

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 11/23/2012 - 17:34


Saline will once again benefit from the work of an aspiring Eagle Scout.

At Monday’s meeting, Saline City Council approved Andrew Bonczyk’s plans to reconstruct the community sign located at the Saline Area Fire Department at Michigan Avenue and Harris Street.

Bonczyk, a Saline High School junior and member of Boy Scout Troop 416, is the son of John and Cynthia Bonczyk.

Fire Chief Craig Hoeft told council the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce uses the community sign to advertise upcoming community events.

Bonczyk told council that the existing sign has been worn out over time. The wood is wearing down and the hinge isn’t functioning properly, making it hard for people to use the sign.

He plans to replace the sign with a new sign that will be twice as wide, allowing for the advertisement of more events and programs. Bonczyk also plans new landscaping around the sign.

“We’ll plant new shrubs around the sign because the current grass obscures vision and isn’t aesthetically appealing,” he said.

He told council the new sign will be easier to use and easier to see. Currently, to post an event in the sign, users must open a swinging door on a faulty hinge. The new double-side sign will feature a sliding door.

The sign will be 85 inches wide and 80 inches tall. It will feature the Saline Area Fire Department logo. The space for advertising events is expected to be 30 inches tall and 55 inches wide. The new sign will have a brick base. His father will help with the foundation. He presented his CAD drawings and three-dimensional renderings to city.

Mayor Gretchen Driskell said she was impressed with the presentation and invited Bonczyk to ask for financial support from the city, but Bonczyk declined, saying he funds can be raised privately through churches and the community.

Bonczyk said the work will begin in the spring of 2013 and finish next summer.

Chief Hoeft said the Boy Scout has managed the project well thus far.

“Andrew has done a good job. He’s been working on this for awhile now,” Hoeft said.

City council approved the plans, authorized Bonczyk to proceed under the direction of city superintendent Gary Roubal and waived the building permit fee for the project.

Hoeft said anyone wishing to contribute to the project can write a check to the Friends of the Saline Area Fire Department.

Before Hoeft left the meeting, he’d already received cash donations from supportive residents.

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