Letter to Editor: Law a Solid Choice in Uncertain Times

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 10/22/2012 - 23:19

Dear Editor,

I am pleased to support Saline mayoral candidate Mr. Glenn Law.  I have recently gotten to know this candidate and there are three main reasons I believe he is a solid choice to lead Saline in such uncertain times.

First of all I am impressed with the experience that Mr. Law brings.  He has worked in commercial radio and currently is an elementary school teacher.  Mr. Law has also worked for us on the Saline City Council for many years and with positive results for our community.  I am impressed with his career and previous commitment to making sound decisions for our city.

Secondly I believe Mr. Law understands the plight that many of us are going through right now in these tough economic times.  As a working man with a family, he can appreciate how difficult decision-making can be for many of us with limited resources.  I am confident he will make decisions as Saline Mayor to attract businesses as well as ensuring that our quality of life stays intact.

My final reason for supporting Mr. Law is that he is a reasonable, honest, and respectable man.  He does not judge unfairly or without the facts.  I have observed him walking in my neighborhood and chatting with people, listening intently to their concerns.  These qualities instill confidence in me that he will do right by us in the situations he encounters as Mayor.

It is this combination of talents and integrity that leads me to support Mr. Glenn Law as Mayor of Saline.

Andrea Tanner
Saline, MI

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