Meet Kelly Hall, National Merit Semifinalist

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 10/25/2012 - 03:34

Saline High School senior Kelly Hall is one of seven academically talented students who have been named National Merit Scholarship semifinalists. Also earning the honor from Saline are Ryan Whitfield, Allison Collins, Louisa Antonelli, Jessica Lipa, Patrick Zetterholm and James Corcoran. 

Here's a little more about Kelly Hall, one of the top students at one of America's top high schools.

Parents: Lori and Mitch Hall

Favorite Subject:: Anything but science!  I love the clear-cut, systematic black-and-whiteness of math, the way you can get lost in a book in English class, and the stories and connections to the past that make Social Studies so interesting. 

Favorite Teacher: I feel incredibly grateful to have so many wonderful teachers at SHS - kind, understanding, and dedicated adults that come to school each day so enthusiastic about what they teach.  Ms. Jonik (freshman geometry) and Ms. Howard (AP psychology) made me laugh so much that I didn't even realize how much I was learning, Ms. Hodgens (AP Language) forced me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to become a better writer than I ever thought possible, and Mr. Fox, Ms. Venema, Mr. Pike, and Ms. Denzin each had so much passion for their respective subjects that I was excited to come to class every day. 

Favorite School Memory: Every moment spent with the Saline Cross Country team - each practice, meet, pasta dinner, summer popsicle run, sleepover, and bus ride.  The program is truly life-changing, and I'm so lucky to have been a part of it. 

Senior Year Goal: I'd like to survive AP Calc and finish all these college applications!  But more importantly, I want to enjoy and appreciate every moment of the final pages of this incredible chapter of my life.  I want to thank everybody who's made a difference these past four years and take advantage of all the many final opportunities.

College Plans:  Hopefully I'll attend the University of Michigan next fall.  I'm very unsure about majors at this point, but I might study statistics or business. 

Career Aspiration:  I'd really like to find some way to help others - maybe as an epidemiologist, studying the statistical spread and prevention of disease.  We'll see!

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