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 01/03/2013 - 11:28

The Saline Area Chamber of Commerce is asking for your help in identifying the most dedicated citizens in Saline.

Until Feb. 29, the chamber is accepting nominations for the Citizen of the Year, Lifetime Achievement, and George A. Anderson Vision awards.

Nomination forms can be downloaded by clicking here. They should be mailed to SACC, P.O. Box 198, Saline, MI., 48176, faxed to 734-944-6835, or dropped off at the chamber office, 141 E. Michigan Ave.

Winners will be honored at the annual Saline Salutes bamquet, held April 12 at Saline High School’s Ellen A Ewing Performing Arts Center.

The Citizen of the Year Award goes to someone who works, lives or volunteers in the Saline Area Schools District, to a volunteer who has made a significant contribution to the Saline Community in 2011. Nominees must by 18 years of age. Past winners are Jill Durnen (‘12), Becky Pazkowski (’11), Sara, Mary and Peter Bowe (’10), Margie Bovee (’09), Betsy  Marl (’08), Karen Ragland (’07), Walter Byers (’06), Scot Graden (’05), David Rhoads (’04), John Herrygers  (’03), Mary Laidlaw (’02), Pat Everett (’01), Bob & Pam Phillips (’00), Bixby Project Group (’99), Tom Kirvan (’98), Susan Keezer (’97), Cheryl Hoeft (’96), Dorothy Vogel (’95), Mary Ann Fogle (‘94), Jim Hill (’93), Wayne  Clements (’92), Ken & Barb Sturms (’91), and Sandy Nadig (’90).

The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to someone who works, lives or volunteers in the Saline Area Schools district and who has demonstrated years of significant contributions to the community. Past winners include Joseph Labuta (’12), Paul Thibault (’10), Leslee Niethammer (’09), Taylor Jacobsen (’08),  Lyle Wahl (’07), Phyllis Martin (’06), Rena Girbach (’05), Bob Kwiecinski (’04), Peg & John Long (’03), Bob & Betty Redies and Saline Community Fair Volunteers (’02), Tom Collins and Saline Community Hospital Auxiliary (’01), Allan Grossman and Woodie Merchant (’00), Meredith Bixby (‘99), Dale Rothfuss (’98), Jo Steiner (’98), Margaret Chatterton (’97), Paul Tull (’97), Bob McNaughton, (’96), Janet DesAutels (’95), Pat Roesch (’92), and Art  Miller (’91).

The George A. Anderson Visision Award is presented to someone who works or serves in an advisory capacity to a Saline area government entity, such as the city or school district. The nominee must have made a significant contribution to the Saline Community in 2011, above and beyond a job description, and must have demonstrated a clear and consistent vision for the Saline community. Past winners include Cindy Czubko (’12), David Rhoads (’10), Carla Scruggs (’09), Scot Graden (’08), Art Trapp (’07), Mary Lirones (’06), Saline Area Schools Historical Preservation Committee (’05), Phyllis Martin (’04), Howard & Kelven Braun (’03), Craig Hoeft (’02), Bill Lavery (’01), Wayne Clements (’00), Mary Hess (’99), Rick Kuss (’98), Pat Little (’97), Gretchen Driskell (’96), Herb Payne (’95), and David White (’94).



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