Pleasant Ridge Elementary updates Teacher's Lounge

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 08/28/2014 - 15:09

Summer's nearly over but not for the teachers at Pleasant Ridge. With an update to their lounge in bright yellows and white, summer is going to be around all through winter. 

The lounge was drab, hardly used for lunch and was hardly used as a lounge. Relegated as a quick meeting room and the holdall for teacher conference dinners, the lounge was hardly used for it's original intent. Over the summer, the lounge received a long overdue renovation with the support of the PR PTA and parent volunteers. Now bright with accents of blue and yellow showing Saline Pride, the lounge is a neat place to gather, a place to eat comfortably and a dedicated area for getting paperwork done as well as preparing lesson plans for the children. 

Dedicated on Thursday morning to a full room of returning teachers and staff, the once dull room is now awakened and revived. 

"It gives us great pleasure to be in a position to update the Teacher's Lounge at Pleasant Ridge, creating a more inviting place for our teacher's to recharge, build camaraderie, and share best practices.  We have such appreciation and respect for our teachers at PR. Hopefully the renovated lounge will be a constant reminder of that appreciation," said Ann Friedholm - PTA President

Glancing around the new hub as they socialized at the beginning of the school year, a noticeable warmth generated that will nurture the children they are charged with this year and in years to come. The Pleasant Ridge PTA wishes to extend their thanks to everyone involved in this initiative, particularly the staff and parents that gave their time in designing and renovating the space, Jim Junga of Ace Hardware - Saline for supporting the initiative with supplies and Tracy Pratt. 
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Aramide Pinheiro-Boatswain
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