Saline City Council Election: The Celtic Festival

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 10/10/2012 - 05:08

The Celtic Festival hit a homerun last year. Proponents of Saline's Celtic Festival say it brings lots of people and money to town, and that people who have fun in Saline will want to see what else the city has to offer.

But some resident are worried that in an off year, if the festival swings and misses, the taxpayers will get dinged.

Toiday we ask city council candidates David Rhoads, Dean Girbach and Lee Bourgoin what the city should do with the Celtic Festival. Bourgoin did not reply to our questions. There are three candidates in the running for the three seats.

Here is our question and the candidates' answers.


What should the city do with the Saline Celtic Festival?

David Rhoads


The organizers of the Celtic Festival continue to work toward becoming independent of the City’s financial support. They have made great strides recently and we should be as supportive of their efforts as possible.

Dean Girbach


My preferred approach would be to spin it off to a non profit organization.  The Celtic festival is the only event which fiscally falls upon the city and its taxpayers.  Further, as with  other organizations, the success or failure becomes the responsibly of those individuals with the most vested interest in its success, not the city.

Lee Bourgoin

Did not reply

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