Saline City Council Election: Guiding Principles and Beliefs

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 10/02/2012 - 15:49

Those serving in government are required to make difficult choices. Over the next four years, members of Saline City Council will have to make decisions on important issues that we've not yet even thought about. Today's question seeks to provide voters with an idea of where the candidates are coming from when they make decisions. 

There are three open seats on Saline City Council. Incumbents David Rhoads and Dean Girbach seek re-election. Former City of Saline finance director Lee Bourgoin is also seeking office.

What principles and beliefs guide you in public service? 

David Rhoads

I believe in minimizing government involvement in our lives to the maximum extent possible and still maintaining a safe and attractive community. I also believe in careful spending of our residents’ taxes and in fair treatment for everyone.

Dean Girbach

My beliefs were instilled in me from the beginning by my parents.  As I grew older though, I learned to expand on those beliefs by listening to others and allowing my own life experiences to further guide me. The beliefs instilled by my parents of duty, hard work, responsibility, dedication, trust, compassion and accountability have served me well. However, in today’s world, this foundation alone does not in itself necessarily bring about rewards or protect us from others who lack these ideas.   I personally believe it is my responsibility to work towards fairness, compromise, practicality, and equality in all dealings, regardless of pressure from others. Personal experiences have taught me there is a complexity to government which, right or wrong, often turns a blind eye towards those who simply want to be.  I strive to represent residents as someone willing to step forward, speak my mind, question authority and  voice different ideas.  It may not be a popular course of action, but often the right thing to do in keeping our city viable, fiscally responsible and moving forward.  

Lee Bourgoin

Did not respond.


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