Saline City Council Election: Why Do You Want To Serve?

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 10/01/2012 - 18:33

Barring a last-minute write-in campaign, there won’t be much competition for Saline City Council seats in the November election. There are three open seats. Incumbents David Rhoads and Dean Girbach are seeking re-election. Lee Bourgoin, the city’s former finance director, is also on the ballot.

The Saline Post sent questions to all three candidates. Rhoads and Girbach supplied answers while Bourgoin did not.

Today, we include the candidates’ profiles as well as their answer to our first question: Why do you want to be on Saline City Council?

Dean B Girbach

Employment/Education: Financial Lead Manager, University of Michigan – School of Public Health Dean’s Office, Masters in Business Administration and          Bachelor in Business Administration (EMU), Saline Area Schools.

Government Experience: Councilmember   1997-2003,  2010-Present, (Mayor Pro-Tem, 2000, 2012), Board Commissioner - Local Taxing Authorities (TIFA, EDC) 2001-2013,City of Saline Planning, Youth, Saline Historic District, Saline Area Fire Board, and  Saline Zoning Board of Appeals, Michigan Municipal League - Finance and Taxation Committee, National League of Cities - Human Development Policy Committee.

Involvement in Organizations:  NACUBO National Associations of College and University Business Officers, CACUBO Central Associations of College and University Business Officers, Saline Main Street Business Economic Restructure Team, Measure for Measure - A Men's Chorus Society (Treasurer)         

David Rhoads

Family: Married to Leslee Niethammer

Employment/Education: Owner of two Saline businesses: HSA Remodeling and First Design Cabinetry, Business Management at University of Maryland and Eastern Michigan University.

Government Experience: Three terms (six years) on Saline City Council, Four years on the Michigan Municipal League’s Economic Development Committee, Twelve years on the Saline Area Sustainability Circle, Council liaison to the Environmental Commission, Saline Youth Council and Saline Senior Center, also served on the Historic District Commission, Business Development Association and the Urban Development Task Force

Involvement in Organizations: Coalition for a Quality Community (CQC), Pick Up the Pace Saline (PUPS), Health Initiative Task Force, Farmers Market, Saline Area Historical Society, The Fifth Corner teen center, Saline Leadership Institute (SLI), Parents and Community Together (PACT), Friends of Henne Field, Saline Main Street Design Team and Business and Economic Success Team, Michigan Association of Home Builders and the Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Ann Arbor.

Why do you want to serve on Saline City Council?

Dean Girbach

Saline is my home.  After almost fifty years, Saline is still the place where I spend most of my free time,  hang out with friends and family and take pride in sharing its attributes with others.  My background in administration and finance, my fifteen years of commitment to Saline government through council and commission service and my drive to continue a family legacy of commitment show not only my qualifications to serve, but the reasoning behind my willingness and desire to continue in such a rewarding role.

David Rhoads

I want to help influence Saline’s future for the benefit of all our residents regardless of age or culture. I am able to apply my many years of experience in a wide variety of places and organizations to help mold the best decisions for Saline.

Lee Bourgoin

Did Not Answer


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