Saline Mayoral Election: The Celtic Festival

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 10/10/2012 - 05:16

The Celtic Festival hit a homerun last year. Proponents of Saline's Celtic Festival say it brings lots of people and money to town, and that people who have fun in Saline will want to see what else the city has to offer.

But some resident are worried that in an off year, if the festival swings and misses, the taxpayers will get dinged.

Today we ask Saline's mayoral candidates Brian Marl and Glenn Law what they want to see happen with the Celtic Festival.

Readers can see the candidates side-to-side at 7 p.m., Oct. 22 at Liberty School, where the Saline Coalition for a Quality Community will host an election forum.

Here is today's question:

What should the city do with the Saline Celtic Festival?

Brian Marl

My position on this issue has always been clear. I believe that the Celtic Festival is a wonderful event, bringing local, state and even national attention to Saline, serving as an outlet for hardworking volunteers, and is put on by a group of people who work diligently to make it better every year. In my opinion, government works best when it focuses on providing programs and services that people cannot provide for themselves, and I think municipal (financial) support for community events should be limited for this reason. Ultimately, I think the Celtic Festival should be an entity independent of city government, supported by city leadership but not underwritten by taxpayer dollars.

Glenn Law

I believe the city should continue to help promote the festival. As with Summerfest, Winterfest and Harvest of the Arts the city has done a good job in helping to promote the events and working with the countless volunteers and agencies that help put these very important features together. I applaud those at the Celtic Festival who have worked hard over the last two years to curb spending and cutting back on city services, such as DPW. I would encourage the Celtic Festival to continue to become more self sufficient.     

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