Letter: Dave Holden Wouldn't Have Supported Bond Proposal Unless Necessary

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 10/15/2015 - 11:43

(This letter was submitted by Raye Holden.)

I write to you on behalf of my husband, David Holden. Dave was elected to the School Board based on his commitment to rectify the financial status of the district.  At that time the fund balance was well below the 5% required by the State of Michigan.  He felt strongly that the Board of Education should not come to the community with a bond proposal unless its fiscal house was in order.  I read recently that the fund balance is now at 6%. Kudos to the current members of the school board!

I had the great pleasure of seeing Dave in action last spring as I attended two different parent teacher association meetings as he began to introduce the concept that a bond proposal will soon be necessary. As he talked I listened and roamed the room studying the eyes to see if his message was resonating with those in attendance. Many were surprised to hear that we do not purchase new buses, but buy other district’s old buses. Apparently we have a couple outstanding mechanics that keep those buses rolling. 

Dave likened our facilities to our homes in that once they reach the 10-15 year mark we begin to replace our roofs, HVAC systems, parking lots and interior needs.   I recall him saying “the new high school isn’t so new anymore” with regard to maintenance concerns. Trust me, I lived with this great man for 33 years and he could make a dollar holler. He would not have been a proponent for a bond proposal unless he absolutely believed it was necessary.

I appeal to you on Dave’s behalf to please investigate this bond proposal, ask questions and attend a board meeting if you are unsure.  Our state and national rankings speak for themselves.  It is widely known that Saline is an outstanding school district – let’s take care of it!

Raye Holden

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