Damien Farrell Plans 24-Unit Condo Project for South Monroe Street

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 07/30/2015 - 16:44

The City of Saline is inching closer to selling its South Monroe Street property to a residential developer.

The city has spent months working with Damien Farrell, of Damien Farrell Design Group, in hopes of selling and developing 3.5 acres of city-owned land at 207 S. Monroe St. At the outset, the project had pushback from neighbors, who didn’t want to lose their peaceful backyards. Farrell’s plan for 14 units (duplexes) seemed to meet the reluctant satisfaction of residents because it disturbed less land. But as Farrell delved into the project, the economics didn’t work.

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Now Farrell is planning a 24-unit condo development that will include three separate buildings.

“It’s my understanding this plan has the support of most of the neighbors along Mark Hannah Court,” said City Manager Todd Campbell, adding that he’s been told that a resident of West Henry Street is opposed to the plan.

Campbell said that the higher-density development will require less disturbing of the space.

Council also expressed support for the plan at a recent work meeting.

The city is seeking $200,000 for the land. It bought the property at 207 S. Monroe St. for $100,000 in 2011. When it decided to sell the property, it was originally listed at $275,000. It has since been reduced to $200,000 at the request of its realtor.

The developer is also asking the city bare the cost of moving a utility pole out toward Monroe Street.

Campbell expects a proposed purchase agreement will come before city council fairly soon.



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