Art Around Saline: Kirkpatrick's 'Infinity House' Inspired by MC Escher's Impossible Structures

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 12/11/2017 - 11:34

This is the second profile in a series on the second phase of the public outdoor art project, “Art Around Saline.”

“Infinity House” by Wynton Kirkpatrick uses watercolor and ink.  It is located on the south wall of DoJo on North Ann Arbor Street.  While Saline is his hometown, Kirkpatrick is currently a student at Central Michigan University where he has most recently taken drawing classes, worked to start a drawing club, and has begun to show his work around Art Reach in Mt. Pleasant this past summer.

“The Arts, particularly drawing and painting, has run in my family for generations,” says Kirkpatrick.  “I learned to draw from my mother, and through the former 212 Arts Center in Saline and learning from Keith McGuire.

“I have always had a tendency toward drawing buildings, castles, cathedrals and the like as seen in the drawing I submitted, which is influenced by my grandfather Charles Ciccarelli who is known for drawing historical buildings in Ann Arbor. I also do a lot of 3d modeling, which is why I have lately had an interest in perspective drawing. The concept is from an interest in drawings by MC Escher, which are complex, impossible structures that have always intrigued me. My drawing/painting is a combination of these influences.  It was intended, and turned out, as a complex multifaceted building that has a strong spatial presence, and makes the viewer wander around trying to make sense of the subject matter, which has no real up or down, and can be looked at from any angle.”

The expansion of the public art display by the Art Around Saline Task Force is through a grant from the Washtenaw County Convention and Visitors Bureau Community Tourism Action Plan (CTAP) Program.  The three additional artworks in the second series of public art, “Art Around Saline” will be featured in upcoming articles: “Flea Market Find” by McPherson Local, “Midas Touch” behind Carrigan’s Café, and “Monarch Butterfly” on walkway to South Ann Arbor Street.

For more information, contact Cindy Baxter, Chair, City of Saline Arts & Culture Committee, 734-678-5619.

Marci Cameron
Marci Cameron serves on the City of Saline Arts & Culture Committee