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 02/05/2020 - 11:41

The second Saturday is quite early this month, and The Friends of the Saline District Library remind you that our Preview and Bag Sales are taking place this week!  

  • Friday, February 7, the Brecon Room opens for the Preview Sale at approximately 2pm; the Preview Sale ends at 4pm. Everything is half its Corner Book Shop price.  If you have a customer rewards coupon for the February sale, you can fill a bag at the Preview Sale for $2.50.  
  • Saturday, February 8, the Bag Sale takes place from 10am to 12noon.  Your first bag is $5.00, your second bag is free. If you don't want a full bag of books, your items will be half the Corner Book Shop price. If you have a customer rewards coupon, your first bag is free, second bag is $5.00, third bag is free, and so on.
  •  The Corner Book Shop (regular prices) is scheduled to be open on Friday and Saturday as well. 


Your Friends at The Corner Book Shop hope to see you at the library this weekend!


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Corner Book Shop Committee Mission Statement Under the auspices of the Friends of Saline District Library Executive Board, the Book Shop Committee develops and implements procedures for the operation of the Corner Book Shop, enabling the book shop to serve as a community resource and gathering place while providing financial and material resources to Saline District Library.