Gallery: Saline Varsity Blues Present 'Disney Dreams'

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 07/23/2018 - 12:03

First, the youth in Saline Varsity Blues dreamed it. Last weekend, in front of a packed house in the Ellen Ewing Performing Arts Center, they did it.

Saline Varsity Blues. A three-cast performing show choir composed of teenagers and kids from the Saline area, presented Disney Dreams, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Saline High School.

The bright, cheerful voices of the younger singers rang throughout the theater, as the Varsity Blues veterans gave performances were at various times rich, regal, playful and soulful.

The production starred Eric Blovits as Peter Pan and Mary McCall as Wendy. They took the audience through a journey of Disney classics, as Peter Pan showed Wendy how to realize her dreams.

Below are video recordings and a photo gallery from the concert. For more information visit







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