The Love Hangover with the Jill Jack Trio is Saturday at Stony Lake Brewing

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 02/15/2019 - 06:42

Every Saturday after Valentine's Day, Acoustic Routes hosts The Love Hangover at Stony Lake Brewing Company -- a concert that invites musicians and audiences to transcend the shallow sentiments of a Hallmark holiday and get really intimate. This year will reach new heights with The Jill Jack Acoustic Trio. Jill Jack has been recognized with an astonishing 44 Detroit Music Awards and her career is founded on folk’s best idea -- that there’s a shared knowing between artist and audience, a conversation that flows both ways during a show.

You get all of Jill Jack in a performance -- her blend of folk and rock traditions, her open humor, her fine band.

Live Like There's No Tomorrow

Red Dirt Girl

Live on Detroit Public TV

Across the country, she’s been lauded in equal measure to her talents:

"Her voice can soar like opera and smoke like the blues ... one of the strongest voices in Detroit, or in the country for that matter," says The Detroit Free Press.

"She's got the stage presence, the voice, the ability to interpret songs passionately ... there's a lot of soul in what she does,"echoes Billboard Magazine.

"She's sharp, she's witty, and she's got soul. Most important, I think based on her songwriting and style, she's got staying power," WDVR-FM in New Jersey.

Stony Lake Brewing is at 447 E. Michigan Ave. The cover is $15 at the door and 100% goes to the artists.  The music starts at 8 p.m. 

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