Saline District Library to host Frankenslam

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 10/11/2018 - 13:32

This Saturday... it's the FrankenSlam!

In 1816 poet Lord Byron challenged his friends to craft a ghost story, setting the stage for teenage Mary Shelley to write Frankenstein. Byron’s challenge is reminiscent of poetry slams today, and to honor the bicentennial anniversary of Frankenstein, poet Adam Henze has created “FrankenSlam: Where the Poetry is Alive. It’s Alive!”

This poetic celebration begins with a hybrid lecture and performance exploring Shelley’s influence on artists ranging from bards to hip hop. After the performance, participants are invited to create their own “horrorcore poem” in an interactive writing workshop. Echoing Byron’s ghost story challenge, the session concludes with a FrankenSlam, where all are invited to share their poetic creations at the mic (totally voluntary - you are not required to share your poetry!).

For poets and performers and horror fans, this will be interactive fun for teens and adults. 

This program was created in conjunction with Indiana Humanities... we are the ONLY site in Michigan hosting a FrankenSlam!

This event will be held at Liberty School auditorium. Click the link below to register!…