Salt Valley Arts' Arti Gras Event to be Held This Saturday

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 03/01/2018 - 11:04
One section of SVA's "Sum of the Parts" art installation piece, by Nancy Miller

As Salinians step cautiously from February into March and begin to emerge from their winter hibernation, Salt Valley Arts invites all to kick off the warmer season with an artsy celebration - Arti Gras.  

Ever since its inception in 2016, the goal of our local Arts Center, Salt Valley Arts, has been to serve the Saline Community and its neighbors as a hub for artistic activity.  Through classes, collaboration, and outreach, they have worked to share a love of art, artists, and artistic endeavors of all kinds.

The 2018 Arti Gras Celebration is a step further into the community, and a way to celebrate all different kinds of arts in the Saline area.  According to co-chairpersons for the event, Karen Losey and Cindy Baxter, “Arti Gras is Salt Valley Arts’ annual ‘Art Party,’ it’s part friend raiser, part fundraiser, part art installation, and a big part is a celebration of artists, art appreciators and the community in which we create.”  

This year, as part of the Art Gras event, SVA will also unveil “Sum of the Parts” - a showcase of artistic community members who came together to create a unique art piece that will be installed in the main space of Salt Valley Arts (located in the former St. Joe’s emergency room entrance).  

In their introduction to the project, Losey and Baxter said, “The Sum of the Parts is a 4.5’ by 6’ art installation consisting of ‘parts’ created by 36 artists, each having reproduced one section of a well-known work of art. The work of art was unknown to them and they could work in any medium.”  (See below for a full list of the artists and the mediums they used.)  Attendees of this Saturday’s event will actually be able to see the piece put together on the wall, piece by piece like a puzzle, and guess what the final work of art will be.

The 36 artists involved in the “Sum of the Parts” piece will also have their own original artwork hanging on the walls of SVA in a gallery exhibit for the event.  (While the “Sum of the Parts” piece will remain on the wall at SVA long-term, the gallery exhibit will only be up for the Arti Gras event.)  Keith McGuire, who teaches children’s and youth classes at SVA on Saturdays, will also be exhibiting some of his students’ artwork, which will be hanging in the space - a unique opportunity for the youngest SVA artists to showcase their talents.

Salt Valley Arts plans to make Arti Gras an annual event, with a different twist each year.  This year it is the “Sum of the Parts” piece, but in the future it might be Art on the Runway (a popular event in Two Twelve Arts Center’s days), or a silent auction.

This Saturday’s event, from 4-7pm, will have many opportunities to view artwork and talk with the artists themselves, and to find out more about Salt Valley Arts’ offerings for the community.  Refreshments, courtesy EVH Senior Solutions, will also be served, and there will be a prize drawing from some local businesses.  

SVA is also looking for new members and further fundraising to keep the organization going.  According to Baxter, “Our goal is to be sustainable and be what meets the needs of this area’s artists. It’s like finding your tribe - who are the people that are interested in the arts - what kinds of classes would they like?  Maybe they just want to take a class, or maybe they don’t think they’re an artist because they knit.  We want to find that community and support all of the arts in the Saline area.”

Arti Gras will be held Saturday March 3rd from 4-7pm at Salt Valley Arts - 400 W. Russell St. Saline, MI 48176.  For more info on SVA, go to


1 Kathy Rich  - Yarn

2 Ann Stofflet -  Colored pencil

3 Marge Mills -  Acrylic paint

4 Lynne Friman -  Encaustic w/oil pastels

5 Michelle Sanford - Lentils w/acrylic paint

6 Nancy Miller -  Rug hooking w/recycled wool

7 Sandy Webster - Wool roving

8 Danni O’Brien -  Tin foil w/acrylic paint

9 Victoria Moessner -  Return address labels w/oil pastels

10 Linda Klenczar -  Acrylic paint

11 Cindy Baxter -  Colored Epsom salts

12 Dixie Olin -  Oil paint

13 Karen Losey - Wool roving

14 Val Mann -  Paper

15 Kristy Lerma -  Acrylic paint

16 Becky Bohnett -  Fabric w/thread, beads, paint

17 Elizabeth Walther -  Paper w/acrylic paint

18 Eileen Shivak -  Paper

19 Kerri Brannen -  Watercolor paint

20 Keith McGuire -  Watercolor paint w/ink pen

21 Shelia Blough -  Watercolor paint

22 Sandra Xenakis -  Fabric w/thread, yarn, beads, colored pencil

23 Stacey Harper -  Encaustic

24 Susie Karr - Fabric w/paint

25 Jan Fleming -  Watercolor paint w/crayon

26 Emily Martin  - Acrylic paint w/pom poms

27 Toni Oliverio -  Watercolor paint

28 Samantha Nielsen -  Paper

29 Anne Sheill -  Fabric w/ yarn, pebbles, beads, marbles

30 Julie Daleiden -  Watercolor paint w/colored pencil

31 Piper Daleiden -  Watercolor paint w/colored pen

32 Donna Zwerk -  Watercolor paint w/fabric, beads

33 Stanley Ferguson -  Pastels w/colored pencil

34 Karen Bloch  - Acrylic paint

35 Neah Bloch -  Acrylic paint

36 Lisa Belanger -  Fabric w/thread

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Katherine H. Downie
Katherine Downie is a local artist and art educator. She serves on the executive committee of the Saline Celtic Festival, on the board of the Saline Area Players, and on the Saline Library Art Exhibit Committee.

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