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 01/21/2018 - 18:11
Sum of the Parts Collaborative Art Project

Saline’s Art Center, Salt Valley Arts, is bringing art to the community in a fun and collaborative, multimedia way.  The project is called “Sum of the Parts” and will be an opportunity for many artists with many different styles to come together on one piece of art.  According to Cindy Baxter, a member of the Salt Valley Arts Steering Committee, the idea “came about during discussions by members of the Salt Valley Arts Steering Committee...We wanted to hold a yearly event that would be a fun, artsy fundraiser.  Out of that initial idea came Arti Gras', an art event that would happen every year in March.”  

They wanted to to include in Arti Gras an art project that would be open to the community and then be unveiled at the event.  And they wanted to make sure that all different types of creative people could participate. “We were looking for a way to be inclusive of all types of artists and art appreciators,” Baxter said.

While Baxter was visiting family on Cape Cod over the summer, she found the perfect project for SVA’s Arti Gras event.  According to Baxter, “I went to a local art center to see a friend's work there.  My art teacher friend had participated in the installation called Piece by Piece III at the Cotuit Center for the Arts. It was an amazing 150 piece collaborative mosaic of artwork that reproduced  A Sunday on La Grande Jatte by George Pierre Seurat. The fascinating thing was that each artist had used different media in varied shades of color to create their piece and it turned out to be a feast for the eyes both as individual works of art and as a total work of art.  Once we looked at some pictures of the exhibit we knew we had a creative, collaborative project that fit the bill of being inclusive of all types of artists and could be appreciated by anyone.”

And that is the beauty of this project: you can reproduce your part of the grid any way that you like.  Are you a fiber artist?  Use yarn on your board.  A quilter can use fabric and sewing skills, or maybe you prefer mosaics, feathers, paint, beads, wood, colored paper, ceramics, etc. Those who are participating won’t know how their piece will fit into the completed piece, so the unveiling on Saturday, March 3, 2018 at Salt Valley Arts’ First Annual Arti Gras Party will be a surprise to all!  

If you want to participate, you’d better get a jump on it - there are 36 “parts” for this installation, and they’re going fast!  Send an email with your intent to participate to [email protected] by Monday, January 22, 2018.  If you’re a Salt Valley Arts member, it costs $10 to participate; non-members pay $15.  That entry fee covers a “part” of the painting to reproduce, a square of art board, and a ticket to the Arti Gras event on March 3rd. In addition to creating their "Part” of the Art, artists have been invited to submit and additional example of their artwork to be on display during Arti Gras. There will also be a special display by the art student's of Salt Valley Arts instructor Keith McGuire.

If you’d like to become a member of Salt Valley and/or pay your entry fee online, you can go to the SVA website - - and go to the tab on the homepage labeled “Purchase”.  That tab will take you to the membership joining page with two links to the "Sum Of The Parts" art installation.  Payments would be through Paypal on the website, or pay your entry fee and membership when you pick up your "Part" on Thursday, January 25 from 3-8:30 or Friday, January 26 from 9:00- noon during the Cake Eater Artist meeting.

You’ll have from January 25 to February 12, 2018 to work on creating your individualized part(s) of the art.  The deadline to turn in  your part of the art is February 12, 2018 at 8 p.m. (or feel free to turn it in ahead of time).



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Katherine H. Downie
Katherine Downie is a local artist and art educator. She serves on the executive committee of the Saline Celtic Festival, on the board of the Saline Area Players, and on the Saline Library Art Exhibit Committee.

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