SAP’s Murder for Dummies: Myron and Marge

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 03/25/2018 - 21:11
Jerry Doty plays Myron and Mary Rumman plays Marge in Saline Area Players' upcoming comedy-mystery "Murder for Dummies"

Saline Area Players are in their last few weeks of rehearsals before they present “Murder for Dummies” by Pat Cook, which opens April 12 for three shows.  The script is pure fun and centers around the Bernhart couple, Myron and Marge.  Myron is a meek, hen-pecked husband who has a vast collection of books.  Marge is a bossy, controlling wife who runs the “Civic Arts League” and frequently hosts meetings for the group members at her home.  When the story begins, they are having a meeting and somehow they get the idea that if they sell Myron’s books, either “the whole lot of them” or “one by one,” that they will be able to earn some decent money.  Myron is not keen on this idea which has a life of its own and buys yet another new book, Murder for Dummies.  While reading it, he contemplates doing away with his wife.


Myron Bernhart is played by Jerry Doty.  This is his second show with SAP – he recently played Dr. Grimwig in Oliver last fall.  He brings enthusiasm and talent to the role and pulls off “meek” quite well.  Mary Rumman, who has been on SAP stages for over 30 years plays his wife.  She has had plenty of experience being menacing, having played, for example, the wicked witch when SAP performed “ Wizard of Oz.”


Tickets are on sale and full details are on the website at  The show will be performed at The 5th Corner, 211 Willis Rd.  Be prepared to laugh and enjoy some good old-fashioned fun!