SAP Show Week - Picture of the Day

 11/28/2016 - 20:33
"We're certainly not handing her over to Imogene Herdman!" (Photo by Aaron C. Wade)

Pretend that you have a new baby and the pageant director at your church asked if they can use him or her for the church's annual Christmas pageant.  Then pretend that the girl playing Mary is part of the Herdman family, a rough and tough group of kids that bullied themselves into the pageant.  What would you do?  In Saline Area Players' production of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever that opens on Thursday, the church ladies go crazy, filling the church with gossip.  And, do they offer up one of their own babies to be in the pageant?  Come to the show to find out.

This family favorite will have 5 performances Dec 1-4.  Shows on Thursday and Friday nights are at 7:30 PM.  Saturday shows are 1 & 3 PM, and the Sunday show is at 3 PM.  All shows are at Fifth Corner, 211 Willis Rd.  Tickets are at the amazing price of $5/person.  

Full information on the website at  The shows are sometimes sold out, so make your reservation now.