The Steel City Rovers Return to Stony Lake Brewing This Sunday

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 09/20/2018 - 00:53
The Steel City Rovers are a Celti-billy band from Hamilton, Ontario

One of the most exciting bands from this year's Saline Celtic Festival -- The Steel City Rovers of Hamilton, Ontario -- are winding up their U.S. tour with a finale concert at Stony Lake Brewing, 447 E. Michigan Ave., this Sunday at 7:30 p.m.  The show is presented by Acoustic Routes Concerts. 


The Rovers' music is a cross-pollination of the Celtic and North American traditions they call "Celti-billy." The band is simply electric to witness in person. Ryan is a powerful baritone and he is joined on harmonies by his guitar-playing brother Joel for that inimitable familial vocal blend. Mark is a multi-instrumentalist, rotating quickly between wind, strings, keys and even the Scottish small pipes. Dave on fiddle is lightning-quick and  incredibly precise. Dave on percussion plays a dynamic setup of own invention. This act is always fresh, familiar and fun.


Choice cuts from their expansive catalog of traditional and original tunes include:

Guinness for Two

Live at the Rooster's Wife, Aberdeen, NC

Lay Me Down (acapella)
Sudden Sunshowers

The cover is $15 at the door and it all goes to the artists!



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