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 04/22/2019 - 09:47
Happy Earth Day from the Saline Environmental Commission

Happy Earth Day!

On this Earth Day 2019 the Saline Environmental Commission ( takes a look at changes in the recycling world.  It has been widely reported that changes in recycling markets have led to dramatic price increases, as the industry works to adjust to stringent requirements about contaminants in the recycle stream.  The price of recycling has gone up for the City of Saline as it has for others. 

What can I do?

One of the major drivers of recycling cost increases is the cost of removing the contaminants from the recycle stream.  The best thing city residents can do to help is to take the time to know what goes into the recycling cart with the yellow lid and what does NOT go in it. Here's a link to Waste Management's excellent web site about what goes in the recycle cart:  An important rule of thumb is that containers should be clean, dry, and empty.  That is, free of any contaminants, like liquid or any food waster that could spoil the rest of the material in the recycling cart. 

On this Earth Day consider some of the ways you can help by ditching the plastic bag at checkout, composting vegetable food waste, repairing vs replacing, and making sure you're not accidentally introducing contaminants into your recycling cart.  

Follow the Environmental Commission's Saline Be Green Facebook page @SalineBG to learn how you can get involved.

Thank you,

Terry Branoff on behalf of the entire Saline Environmental Commission

Terry Branoff
Saline resident and member of the Saline Environmental Commission.