Nominations Open for the 3rd Environmental Recognition Award - City of Saline

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 08/27/2018 - 20:41

The City of Saline Environmental Commission is seeking nominations for the 2018 Saline  Environmental Recognition awards.

Help us recognize Saline residents, groups and businesses that capture the spirit and intent of Saline Be Green by submitting a nomination. Nominations are being accepted until Monday October 15th.  

The Saline Environmental Commission is in its third year recognizing residents and businesses who demonstrate a concern for the environment through sustainable practices, recycling, composting, watershed protection, rain gardens, energy conservation, clean energy, or simply doing extra to make our community more environmentally friendly.

Anyone may submit a nomination, of a person who is a Saline City resident, a group, or a business within the Saline City limits. 

Examples of the types of programs that you may want to nominate include recycling programs (public, private, commercial, corporate, industrial, institutional, school, etc.), composting program, special event recycling, education/awareness program, waste reduction/reuse program, water quality, rain garden, or clean energy. Environmental initiatives can take one or many forms.

Last year there were multiple recipients in a mix of individuals, groups, and businesses.

Submissions: You may submit the online nomination form found on our Facebook page, or City Hall will accept this paper version. You may also scan, complete, and email the form to [email protected].