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 01/04/2017 - 20:11
Front Lobby of City Hall for Collection

As you take down the lights for the season, Saline residents have the good fortune of having a place to recycle used, old, burned- out strings of Christmas lights through January 31st

Christmas light strings are not included in our curbside pick-up.  The electrical cords can jam and damage the sorting equipment at recycling centers wrapping around shafts and conveyors.   

The City Environmental Commission has set up a clearly-marked and brightly lit drop off box in the front entranceway of Saline City Hall to accept all strings of lights. 

If you are able, it would be very considerate to tie the lights in bundles – we all know what it feels like to reach your hand into a knotted, knarled mess of light strings.

The Saline Environmental Commission will be responsible for recycling the lights, keeping them out of the landfills.   


You also have options to donate working lights to local organizations or recycle them at larger hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s who have collection bins.

We can all do our part to keep the recyclable items in the recycle stream to reclaim usable materials and not buried in our landfills.


Keep Saline Green, and check our web site for more information.


Saline Environmental Commission